Look-Up Charts.

Thread comparisonA comparison between different Thread Sizes.
Imperial and Metric
Data obtained from various sources
Spanner comparisonA comparison between different Spanner Sizes.
Imperial and Metric
Origin unknown
Contributed by: Roy G3ASH
Tapping drillsChart to determine Tapping / clearance drills.
Invaluable in the workshop
Data obtained from various sources
Q CodesAbbreviations used in radio comm's
(esp' Morse)
Unknown Source
RST Codes Abbreviations used in radio comm's
(to determine quality of transmission)
Unknown Source
Lighting LevelsEquivalent lighting levelsJohn G8MNY
Sound LevelsEquivalent Sound levelsJohn G8MNY
dB ratio'sPower & voltage dB ratio'sJohn G8MNY
Frequency Listing.Slow download (150Kb) but loads of info!www.wibble.co.uk
Battery Cross reference.Battery Cross-reference.
With Tech' details too.
Steve G0KVZ
IP Rating.Ingress Protection ratings.All over (public domain)
Military Airbase Info Chart. (PDF)Radio frequencies.
for military airbases.
Var (Public domain)