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(NB dBC is a frequency response weighting & not dBc which is dBs with respect to an RF carrier)

EXAMPLE dB Weighting Noise
Jet Aircraft @ 500ft 120 dBC Deafening
Boiler Making Factory 110 dBC Deafening
Pneumatic Drill 110 dBC Deafening
Motor Horn 105 dBC Deafening
Inside Old Tube Train 95 dBC Very Loud
Busy Street 93 dBC Very Loud
Workshop 88 dBC Very Loud
Small car @ 24ft 83 dBB Very loud
Noisy Office 78 dBB Loud
Inside small Car 73 dBB Loud
Large Shop 68 dBB Loud
Radio Set @ Full Volume 65 dBB Loud
Normal Conversation 58 dBB Moderate
Urban House 53 dBa Moderate
Quiet Office 48 dBA Moderate
Rural House 43 dBA Moderate
Public Library 38 dBA Faint
Quiet Conversation 33 dBA Faint
Rustle of Paper 28 dBA Faint
Whisper 23 dBA Faint
Quiet Church 18 dBA Very Faint
Still Night in Country 13 dBA Very Faint
Sound Proof Room 5 dBA Very Faint
Threshold of Sound 0 dBA Very Faint

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It was originally posted to the Packet radio System by John G8MNY on 24th MAY 2001