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The following Equivalents for Lighting levels, are taken from old data, and with modern lighting techniques maybe inaccurate.

Where Lux
Clear Night Full Moon 0.3
Candle @ 1M 1
Side Roads 4
Main Roads 16
Staircases, Railway Platforms. 30-60
Secondary Rooms, Basements, Halls. 120
Living Rooms & Offices. 250
Classrooms, Shops & Workshops. 500
Drawing Office, Precision Workshops. 1000
Winters Day, Overcast Sky. 900-2000
Winters Day, Clear Sky. up to 9000
Summers Day in June, overcast sky. 4000-20,000
Summers Day in June, Sunshine. Approx 100,000

The information contained upon this page is supplied in good faith, and to the best of my knowledge is accurate.
However, I accept no responsibility for damage or injury, however caused, due to the use of this data.
It was originally posted to the Packet radio System by John G8MNY on 24th May 2001