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Antique Radio Display

On the 26th Of July 2007, George bought along part of his military radio collection.
These radios were manufactured by Lorenz, and used during the late 1930's.
Unlike typical British and American sets of this period, these well engineered sets weren't constructed using a chassis, but were built using a lightweight frame, that incorporated channels to keep the cables in place. Although this made for elegant construction, it was not a flexible design, so modification would be difficult.
Unfortunately the alloy that was used for the cases for these sets was poor at resisting corrosion, and many of these sets have detereorated quite badly.
The Letters on the front panel denote the frequency and function of these sets:

The valves used in these radios were all of the same type to minimise the spare parts that would be needed.
Each valve was held in a bayonet with the contcts made by way of spring contactss.
No crystals were used within the design, as Goering had demanded that their manufacturing should be self sufficient, and most crystals were obtained from South America. This necessitated banks of capacitors to maintain stability.
Tuning of these sets was achieved using variable inductors.
As these were designed for short range communications, they weren't fitted with a volume control, just a gain control.
Photographs of the display are shown below -